Saturday, 17 August 2013

Derailed, deranged, depressed

I have been a bad blogger.
Bad, bad blogger.

I have excuses. 
Do you want to hear them?
Didn't think so.

You did miss me, right?
Let me 'splain.. that would take too long...
let me sum up...
In June Spunky had a little operation that set out walking back for weeks and weeks.

In July I fought with depression. Lost some rounds, won some rounds..
Finally got sick of feeling that way and did some research and made a doctor's appointment.
Got back on all the vitamins I am supposed to take and I had mysteriously stopped taking.
Got my ass in gear and started working on it.

August started the world wide geocaching challenge of 31 caches in 31 days.
I am 17 for 17.
Doing one cache a day is time consuming.
Most days I feel like that is all I got done.  That and my walking miles.
Then there are the days I have appointments or need to run errands.
I feel like I have been run ragged.

I told Curt I felt like I was run ragged.
He smiled at me and began to list and explain all the things I am doing daily.
He's right.  It's a lot of shit to do each day.
It is no wonder I feel ragged and worn out.

Yesterday I took a day off.
Snagged my cache, then planted my ass on the couch for the day.
Felt fabulous.
Except today I am once again running ragged.
Can August be over yet?

The Sampler in Time is nearly finished.
If you downloaded the early pattern be warned!
I found errors and made changes!!
Let me know in private if you downloaded it and I will send you an updated copy.
I want it up for sale next week.
It could happen.

Still on track for the marathon on the 26th... but I'm worried I won't make the full marathon.
My feet hurt. 
 Different from before and 5 of my 10 toes have bruised nails.
I have an appointment to have them looked at... but in the mean time I keep changing shoes and walking.

Stuff in the oven.
Best get back to it.
Just call me Ann... Raggedy Ann.
Nothing like the Raggedy Doctor.


  1. Well damn. <3 you! {{hugs}}

  2. I think it's August that's doing it. I have arthritis in one foot and ankle, and it's flaring up. Usually walking limbers me up and actually gets me through the day, but not this week. I'm blaming it all on August. Who the hell does this August think he is, anyway???

  3. We needed August so I could be borned :-D