Monday, 15 July 2013

Good Grief, is that the time?

I cannot believe how much time has gone by since my last blog.
Guess I have been busy doing other stuffs and totally forgot about my peeps here.
My most humble apologies.

What's going on with Our Crazy April you ask?
Spunky had surgery on his leg two weeks ago.  He had a growth on his dew claw and due to rapid growth and tenderness it was decided to remove the whole thing, claw and all.  The growth is benign and should not spread.  Spunky is slowing going crazy as we are on a no walkies type of deal.  Again.
It is going to be hell getting ready for our marathon next month.  
Might just decide to do half.

What else, you ask?
Weeeeeellll... there was a little excitement over being accepted into the Royal School of Needlework for their foundation degree in hand embroidery... only to discover that due to rules changes they are not currently accepting students from outside the EU.  
Guess I'll go back to plan A and take the certification course instead... no residency check required.

What?  That isn't enough to keep me away from blogging?
What else?
Weellllll... okay.... I've been working through some more of that hormonal crap.
Seriously tired of it and I'm sure it is only starting.
Please may I have my sexuality back.  Would make things a whole lot easier.
Just saying.

And finally...
Been stitching.  What else?
The Sampler in Time is finally moving along nicely even though I had to rip out several hours worth of work yesterday.  I have been posting progress pictures on instagram, tumblr and facebook.  I have a fabulous new following on tumblr who are dying to know when the pattern will be for sale... :-D  
Found this in my inbox the other day...

"Are you going to sell that Sampler in Time pattern BECAUSE I NEED IT IN MY LIFE SO BADLY!"
Made my day.

Then yesterday I open my mail to discover I've sold my first pattern!!! 

So.  Anyway.
Let's see if I can keep you updated a little better in the coming days, shall I?

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