Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Get on with it!!! :-D

For weeks now I have been telling myself that I would blog about ______ just as soon as it is finished.
I would finish ______ and move on to the next thing, completely forgetting I wanted to blog about it.
Week after week I have done this, but no more!

Been busy getting my life back together.
I walked my first half marathon. 
 I didn't finish. 

(before the race all happy and ready to go... there is no picture of after... for good reasons)

 I apparently have acquired the dreaded "Runner's Trots" and experienced gastric distress around the 7 mile mark.  I made it to 11 miles and could not walk one more step.  To be honest, by that last check point I wasn't so much walking as shuffling zombie style.
Thanks to my Knight in Shining Armor aka Beard Face I was rescued from the last several miles, lifted into a very comfortable chariot and transported to the nearby geocache for the day.
Did I not mention?  In August I participated in the 31 in 31 challenge.  I found a cache a day for 31 days.  THAT.
Is much harder than it sounds and took up far more time than I had expected.  It took over my life.  I had to plan my day not only around the dog walk, but around a geocache.  I did combine them but most caches were at least a half hour away and required a 30 minute walk in to them.  By the end of the month I was dreaded the next morning... but!  I did it!  and I'm proud!

The Sampler in Time Doctor Who sampler is finished, and listed on both Etsy and Craftsy and selling nicely.

 I'm very pleased.

I finished, prepped, photo'd and sent off the entry form for the 2014 Embroidery Guild of America's National Show and Tour.
I'm also very pleased and hopeful of selection.

 I have begun a new sampler.  This one is called Sampling the 'Verse and is a Firefly themed sampler based on this historic sampler...

So.  There.  I've been quiet, but I've been busy.

What I really wanted to share with you all is this little tip.
I have a biscornu I have been working on for a friend.  
On BLACK aida.
Which sucks.
I have a trick... :-D
Normally, light over your shoulder, the holes are difficult to see...

Put a white towel across you lap and A LA Peanut Butter Sandwiches...


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