Thursday, 28 March 2013

The Fickle Finger of Fate laughing?... or True Encouragement?

This gorgeous map popped through my letter box today smack dab in the middle of the Norfolk County Council magazine.  It is one quarter of a two page spread about walking trails in Norfolk... two page spread, mocking me and my Frankenboot.  Laughing and pointing and giggling at the gimp getting fatter and more out of shape as each day on the couch goes by.
Or is it?

My first thought was of despair and misery 
(cue that old HeeHaw segment sung in by the words "Gloom, despair and agony on me!")

Then, as I read the little article about a new trail opening to connect the Nar Valley Way to Marriot's Way, I got to remembering the summer (three years ago now) that I walked, one day a week for five weeks (my one weekday off from my little bakery), the whole of Peddar's Way from Knettishall Heath to Holmes Next the Sea.  Remembered how much fun it was.  How some of the days I only did half the miles I had hoped because it was hot, I was tired, or there was just too much to look at to make any good time.  

My tootsies in the North Sea at Holmes Next the Sea 
after 16 miles of hot, wonderful walking.

I cannot begin to describe how good it felt to be sitting here, knowing I'd just walked 46 miles.

I want that feeling again.  I will have that feeling again.  I will also have those photographs of me that I like again... you know... the ones without the butt roll and the round face.  Those.

So I am going to take this as an auspicious occurrence   The fates, fickle fingered or otherwise have sent me this magazine article to cheer me up and show me what is in store for the summer.


  1. Inspiritu(sp?)...your devine inspiration. It will happen! Just remember right now you are healing, the next part of the healing will be the exercising part, then you'll miss the lazy days on the couch... snicker ... not, but you will get there Sis,I have no doubts!