Friday, 29 March 2013

This week's Stitch Witchery

This week has been... hard.  
Restless, a bit despairing and definitely feeling sorry for myself.
Then Wednesday evening came and it was the monthly meeting of the Embroiderer's Guild.

(whispers ala Brick Heck... embroiderer's guild)

There, Fate pointed its Fickle Finger and sat me next to the two people I needed to talk to most.
Needless to say (yet I'm going to say it anyway) I came away from the meeting invigorated, inspired and rearing to get back into it.

However.  In between the stitching and laundry and other stuff, I made the mistake of going to Instagram to hash tag a piccie in the hopes of getting a mention on one of my favorite websites (whispers Urban Threads)... only there I found other stitchers.  Stitchers with nifty ideas and fabulous challenges, and of course, I'm sidetracked yet again.

Check it!

Stitch'n Thyme     and     Hey Paul Studios

To make a long story short (too late)
I have finished the EMI project and finished Hey Paul's #hastystitch challenge for February.  Yes.  I know it is no longer February, but, I came late to the fun and she is taking a break in March.  Lucky me!

 Embroidery Megalomaniac indeed...

Detail of black work fill... pattern available HERE

So here is what I found on Instagram that inspired me....

Specifically, hearts, signature, herringbone stitch and seed stitch...  
This is what I came up with!

 This signatures are from our marriage license, 
the numbers in the middle are the star date of our anniversary

Detail of the seed and herringbone... I have actually never used the herringbone stitch before.  Very nice flow to it and lends itself to shapes and applique very well.  I will have to look for another use for it soon.

Many thanks to Urban Threads and Hey Paul Studios for their inspiration and for keeping me from going totally bonkers these past weeks.

Now back to the castle black work. 
Hehehehe... castle black work of Black Castle...  
 I have been invited to display work in the King's Lynn chapter of the Embroiderer's Guild, the theme is Ancient and Modern... I think a modern interpretation of an old stitch to depict an ancient structure ought to fit the bill, don't you?  I also have an idea for another piece... but the deadline is 30 June so I'd better keep chugging along!  

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