Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Fantasy's Champion - A. E. Marling

Last night I finished A.E. Marling's "Brood of Bones"
I was utterly enchanted.
I have not been so enthralled by a book since my first reading of Patrick Rothfuss' "Name of the Wind"
(and you all know how much I adore his stories)

Seriously.  The story seems to start slow, engulfing the reader in a confusing yet fascinating world where we don't know the customs, the people, religions or anything.. and they are not the norm... okay, some concepts are tried and true and I've seen weaver of fate gods and goddesses before, these things you think you have encountered before all have little twists, making them unique to themselves.

 It might start slow, and you might find yourself wondering and wishing you had some background to the world, but you don't need it right off, really.  Relax.  Read.  It will all come to you in time.  Some through the storytelling and others (which I really like) you get to deduce on your own.  I'm not talking about hard deductions or things you have to really THINK about, just tidbits that add up and grow and finally, with a thought, and perhaps a sleep on it you realize... ooooh... NEAT!!

By the end I was laughing and tears.
Simply a well written, creative fantasy story.  A little romance, a little impending doom, a little mirth, some seriously cool magic, and a heroine to fall in love with. Not only is this indie title well written, it is well edited and gorgeously finished...

 SRSLY.... how cool is this cover art!

So.  Have I piqued your curiosity?  I hope so.  Go get it off Amazon (yeah I know, April is actually encouraging ebooks off Amazon... but I don't know anywhere else you can get it) it is only 99 cents.  It is worth so very much more, and I would dearly love to give the author more cash.
Here is a link to make it easier for you to comply...

While in the process of putting my review up on Goodreads and tumbler I wound up doing a little research on this author, and you know what I discovered?  He is a champion for fantasy!  He has a fabulous blog, well worth the reading HERE, along with blurbs and such about his other books.

I'm off now to go buy everything I can.  I had other plans for today, but I've decided I'm going to spend a good chunk of it reading this
Another gorgeous cover, right?  Made me go in search of the artist...
Her name is Eva Soulu.  You can see her stuff here...

Right.  Off to read, yo.

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