Saturday, 29 June 2013

Pattern creation 201

So last time I posted about creative throes of ... well... creation.

This time I am posting about all of that falling apart.

That's right.  The Doctor Who sampler I was working on, sweated over, whinged about, picked stitch after stitch after stitch out for..... has been dumped.
I hated it.  
There were centering issues.
I hated it.

So I took it back to the drawing board.
But instead of piecing paper together and doing it by hand I used my new PC Stitch program.
Lovely program.  A bit fiddly.  A bit annoying, but it makes pattern creation so much easier in the long run.

I kept all the good bits, taking the time to put them into the program and arrange them where I thought they should go. 
 Then I put a border around it to hold it all together.
Then I added the bits that I thought of while stitching the other disaster.
Then I spent time looking at more historic samplers, causing me to trash more parts of the design and replace them with other bits.

Then I filled in the holes.
Now I am very happy with my complete pattern.
The Tardis has been tweaked.  Her vanishing points are dealt with so much better..
There is actual lettering like a sampler should have.... the fact that they spell out "fantastic"  and "allons-y" are simple coincidence.  Honest.  

There are actual sampler bits.
There is sonic screwdriver, epic scarf and catch phrases.
I'm very happy.
Here.  See?

Sooo much more better.
Yes there is still that damned K-9.  Twice.  In all his fiddly bit glory. 
(but to be honest I worked too hard on him to set him aside)

.....and the link is now gone.  Watch for this pattern on both Etsy and Craftsy.


  1. Thanks so much, dearie, for sharing this wonderful sampler! I promise not to share this pattern.

    1. Enjoy! Let me know how it goes! Post piccies! Thank you for respecting my wishes and not sharing!