Wednesday, 24 April 2013

The cake is a lie...

Okay.  So I admit it.  I'm coasting.
I've been telling myself I'm re-energizing, recovering from last year.  I'm healing from foot surgery.  I'm retired and I don't have to do anything.  

But.  Like cake, they are a lie.

In case you are not familiar with this urban slang...

I'm bored.  I sleep too much.  My house is a disaster.  My fitness level is shot to hell.  
I can't even find a book to read. 
 (which is the reality check I needed me thinks)

It is time to stop wallowing and making excuses and whatnot.

Yup.  You heard me.  Time to get my ass in gear.

This week I'm working on sleep hygiene (mostly the getting up part)
This week I will reclaim my house.
This week I will give good solid thought to better defined goals.


 Come Monday morning I should be ready to step into a new "job" and get on with my life.
Because, seriously, folks... having the time to do what you have always wanted is all well and good, but if you just sit on the couch with the television and your needlework waiting for inspiration to hit you, you'll never get any of those things done. 

 Unless, of course, sitting on the couch with the television is your goal in life.  

I don't recommend it as cool as it sounds.



  1. Not sure who said it, but "Even if your on the right track, you'll still get your ass run over if you just sit there!"


    1. Buwahahahahahahaha! Whoever said it has a point! :-D Thanks for that!!!