Friday, 19 April 2013

Roll them dice! or... this week's project.

I've been thinking I wanted a dice cup for rolling me dice for a long while now.
I have even wasted hours online looking and looking, but never settled on any one, price, actually filling out info for shipping, that sort of thing kept me from actually acquiring one.
Then.  A couple of weeks ago I was walking towards the recycle bin with a Crystal Light  container in my hand... and it dawned on me the squarish oval was the perfect shape!  
I toyed with the container in my hand, stripped it of its label, cut it in half, held it in my hand, trimmed a little more off until I got it just so...

Next!  Find a design to embroider for the outside.

Which was acquired at the website imprinted on the pattern.

Then it sat for a week or so before I got down to business.
I chose blue.  Remie's dice are blues.  Nakamura's dice are blue and red.. seemed fitting.

Last night, in a flurry of excitement I stitched the ends together, cut felt and glued.  Could not let it sit unfinished for one.  moment.  longer!  

Finished project!  Dice cup!  

It conveniently comes with its own lid for travel purposes!

I'm thinking these just might go over a treat on Etsy.  What do you think?

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