Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Fatsos Anonymous Update

Lovely meeting with the dietitian today.
Pyramids are out, plates are in... a very interesting way of looking at what you eat.
(see me spending time googling vegetable dishes)

She was upbeat and friendly.
She seemed to get from my comments
 (and who are we kidding here, I rambled on and on and on in answer to her leading questions)
She did a very good job of showing me I already had the tools in place... including the will.

So.  I feel good.  
Yesterday was a good food and exercise day.
Today is shaping up to be just as good.

I have found two possible marathons to sign up for in August... just waiting back to here if one or the other does or does not allow walking dog companions.  As soon as I get answers I will be filling out the form and sending the money in.  

Anyone care to take this journey with me, let me know!
We can share apps, websites etc and get our groove on virtually together!



  1. You look frazzled and like you are about to cry in this picture! I have Dr.s appt tomorrow...I will be joining you, won't be doing any marathons in August, but count me in!

  2. Really? I thought I looked pretty cheery! Maybe I should change the piccie if it doesn't truly relate how I felt! :-D

    How about a 5k walk. You most certainly could do that! But. I bet... once you start moving, you will discover that you can go further than you thought!

    What can I do to help?

  3. Maybe we should do a buddy "get-in-shape"? I have been exercising but would like to lose 30 pounds.

  4. I can use all the buddys I can get!