Thursday, 21 March 2013

A whole lot of nuffin going on...

This week it had been my intention to finish this...
a whimsical project that jumped out at me while browsing the website Urban Threads.  The black work fill pattern is of my own design composed, again in whimsy using Urban Threads' logo skull and cross "bone" needles.  You can stitch your own Embroidery Megalomaniacs Inc patch by looking under their freebies tab.  My fill pattern can be snagged here.

Work more on this....
my on going project of a blackwork "painting".  I do think I should have worked on the fill patterns more before I started stitching.  I have reached a point where I no longer like what I see and am faced with picking out stitches in the most recent segments.  It will take some thought and possibly more sketching, so in all fairness, not working on it is kinda working on it, as I keep going back to it and looking and thinking.

...and spring clean the kitchen.

Instead, I find it is Thursday already and pretty much all I have done is this....
Granted, This indie published book Brood of Bones by A.E. Marling  is a fascinating and creepy story that was a little slow to start but now has me utterly enchanted and about 3/4's done.

To be fair, The Abyss by G5 is an engaging hidden object/puzzle game that has got to be good for my continued brain function!  :-D  That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Okay.  There is no redeeming factors to this game.  However it is addictive.  Very addictive.  Very, very addictive.  ::drools ala Homer Simpson::

 Oh... and this.
This is Flow.  You have to connect the pairs of colored dots with a flow.  Of course one flow cannot cross another, and you have to fill all the squares on the board.  Challenging and frustrating and has gotten very, very hard.  This particular puzzle I have been working on all week.  Again, I am going to claim it is an exercise in keeping my brain supple!  

I'm not feeling too terribly guilty about not getting much on my "list" done as I am still in a forced sedentary state while I recuperate from foot surgery, but.  I am feeling somewhat guilty and have been doing laundry all day to compensate!

Did you notice I haven't said anything about my progress on spring cleaning the kitchen?  


  1. What a neat collection of brain teasers. Including your black work. What does the EMI stand for? Love you. Mom

    1. An addictive collection... EMI stands for Embroidery Megalomaniacs Inc... it is a secret society... shhhhh.... don't tell anyone. :-D

    2. I'm so sorry I asked ... I'm shushed!

  2. Nice! Love the accompanying photos..seems a lovely way to spend your "down" time...even if you don't get the spring cleaning on the kitchen done, laundry is probably good enough!

  3. :-D Laundry at least keeps me from feeling a failure!